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Wireless Presentation

AirMedia Series 3 - wireless display sharing

AirMedia Series 3 Kit

SKU: AM3-111-I KIT
  • Includes an AirMedia Series 3 Receiver (AM‑3100‑WF‑I) and an AirMedia Connect Adaptor (AM‑TX3‑100‑I).
  • Complete room solution enables secure wireless AirMedia® presentation from up to four devices.
  • Enables smart automation and enterprise-grade security and content encryption protects privacy and ensures compliance with IT policies.
  • XiO Cloud® service support for remote provisioning and management and integrates with Appspace® digital signage software platform for content display.

Original price was: $4,418.00.Current price is: $2,945.00.

Barco ClickShare Conference

Barco ClickShare Conference CX-20 Wireless presentation System

SKU: CX-20
  • Full BYOD support
  • Remote collaboration
  • Triple agnostic: works with any device, any UC technology and any brand of AV peripheral
  • Enhanced security
  • Connected and cloud managed
  • Delivered with 1 Conferencing Button

Barco ClickShare CS-100 Wireless Presentation System

SKU: CS-100
  • Wireless connection to central screen
  • 1 user on-screen
  • Delivered with 1 Button
  • Share from laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • HDM output

Barco ClickShare CSE-200 Wireless presentation System

SKU: CSE-200
The CSE-200 offers the ClickShare experience for small and medium-sized meeting rooms. Anyone – including guests – can connect with one click and share right away, without the need for any training. Product is discontinued. Please see Barco CX-20

Barco ClickShare CSE-800 Wireless Presentation System

SKU: CSE-800
By enabling to display the content of up to 8 (4 per screen) users simultaneously, the CSE-800 Base Unit brings a complete Clickshare collaboration experience. 64 Buttons can be wirelessly connected to the Base Unit, ready to share. Product is discontinued. Please see Barco CX-20

Bose S1 Pro speaker with Sennheiser AVX Wireless Handmic

SKU: S1-Pro+AVX835-3
  • Lightweight, compact, ultra portable with High sound output
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Sennheiser AVX 835 wireless Handheld mic kit
  • Spare batteries for the Handmic and Receiver

Original price was: $2,986.00.Current price is: $1,995.00.

Crestron AM-3200 AirMedia Presentation System

SKU: AM-3200
Crestron's AirMedia® Presentation System (AM-3200) enables secure wired and wireless presentation in lounges, lobbies, and open spaces, and integrates with popular calendaring platforms.

Extron ShareLink 250 Series

SKU: 60-1508-02
Wireless Collaboration Gateway

Kramer VIA Connect Pro Wireless Presentation and Collaboration Solution

SKU: VIA Connect Pro
VIA Connect PRO is a wireless collaboration and presentation solution that makes sharing and presenting in meetings easier. With any laptop or mobile device, users can view, edit and comment on documents in real time, share files and chat with individuals or multiple participants simultaneously.


Kramer VIA GO2 Wireless Collaboration Solution

  • Easy Log-in via Wi-Fi and/or LAN connections
  • High-quality video streaming full HD 1080p/60
  • Supports Windows and Mac laptops, Chromebooks as well as iOS, Windws and Android mobile operating systems.

Original price was: $849.00.Current price is: $799.00.

RODE NT-USB MINI Podcast Kit (Four Person Podcast)

  • Designed for Podcasting and Streaming
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack with Volume Control
  • High-Quality 24-Bit / 48 kHz Recording
  • Works with Computers and Tablets
Screenbeam 1100

Screenbeam 1100 - Wireless Display Receiver

SKU: SB1100
  • Native screen mirroring - no apps or wires
  • Designed for enterprise and dense wireless environments
  • Extended desktop functionality built in
  • Share any form of content - videos, images, slides, etc
ViVi Blue Box

ViVi Wireless Screensharing 3-year service subscription

SKU: ViVi-3YR-Subscription
  • ViVi Annual service (SaaS)
  • 3 year contract Subscription, priced per year.
  • Discounts for large-scale Vivi Subscriptions

Yealink MVC960-C3-006 Microsoft Teams Rooms

SKU: YL-MVC960-C3-006
  • One Cable Technology
  • Multiple Cameras
  • Yealink Camera Control Plug-in
  • Camera Layout Adjustment
  • Wireless Content Sharing
  • Device Management

Original price was: $15,150.00.Current price is: $13,999.00.

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