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ViVi Wireless Screensharing 3-year service subscription

SKU: ViVi-3YR-Subscription
  • ViVi Annual service (SaaS)
  • 3 year contract Subscription, priced per year.
  • Discounts for large-scale Vivi Subscriptions


ViVi is THE wireless screen sharing and student engagement platform.

ViVi Wireless screensharing is the only scalable, easy-to-use wireless sharing and student engagement platform engineered for (and by) the education sector.
Use any device, any number of users/classrooms, any media type, any learning type, and any display.

The Vivi app is the teacher’s remote control in the classroom and is designed to save you as much time as possible, while being as engaging as possible. The app is incredibly intuitive and requires no training!

Emergency Broadcast
Empower teachers to instantly activate a custom emergency message to every Vivi in the school.
If an emergency broadcast is triggered, the alert images are shown on all Vivi-enabled displays.

Digital Signage / Classroom Signage
Any Vivi-enabled display can be a cost-effective digital signage without additional technology required.
Upload images, videos, audio, or display a live website to create a media playlist.  Target these messages to specific classrooms or to the entire school.

Splash Screens
ViVi Wireless screensharing can have custom images to shown on all Vivi-connected displays.

60-Second Heartbeat
Vivi box sends a heartbeat to your dashboard every 60 seconds.  Automatic Alerts will inform the I.T. department if a Vivi box goes offline before a teacher does.

Room Access & Setup
Have default access modes for each of your rooms.  Example: in a library you can enable open-access controls,  and in the classroom set ViVi to put a teacher in control of the display.

NOTE: All subscriptions require a minimum 3-year commitment and the subscription fee is ongoing per annum.
On conclusion of the upfront 3-year agreement, annual subscription fees are payable.

Customers who cannot make a 3-year commitment can elect to purchase a subscription for only 12 months, payable in advance, and limited to a maximum of four per school.

After 12 months all ViVi units need a licence renewal, otherwise must be returned to Vivi.

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