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Video Accessories

Accsoon CineView HE Multi-Spectrum Wireless Video Transmission System

  • Mix up to 4 Receivers, Tablets & Phones
  • 1080p60 HDMI Transmission up to 365m
  • USB/UVC Output for Computer Streaming
  • iOS/Android App with Zebra & LUT Support
  • 2.4 & 5 GHz Dual Band Frequencies
  • 1.3" OLED Displays, >60ms Latency
  • DC/USB Power, L-Series Battery Support

Accsoon CineView Nano Wireless Video Transmitter

  • 1080p60 HDMI transmission with 150M range
  • Capable of transmitting to 4 receivers at once
  • Designed for Mirrorless Bodies in mind
  • Remote controllable with iOS/Android app
  • 5GHz freq, detachable phone clamp
  • Livestream and record via app control
  • Fits L-series battery, inc. USB power output
  • 72.3g total weight

AirAv / Hollyland 600AU 150+ meter SDI/HDMI Wireless Link System

  • This model has been discontinued without direct replacement.
  • Transmit up to a 1080p60 HDMI/SDI signal to a HDMI or dual SDI outputs
  • 200 metres line-of-sight transmission with <1 ms latency
  • SDI loop out
  • 3.5mm stereo audio input
  • 5.1-5.9 GHz frequency band
  • Automatic synchronization with camera recording
  • Transmitter: L-series battery plate
  • Receiver: V-mount battery plate
AirAV Hollyland AAV3000AU Professional HD Wireless Link Fly-Pak 1

AirAV / Hollyland AAV3000AU Professional HD Wireless Link Fly-Pak

  • Superior-quality, tightly encrypted, uncompressed HDMI or SDI video link system
  • For utilisation in a broad array of applications
  • Economical power requirements
  • Mid-to-long range (up to 3,000+ metres dependant on antenna configuration)
  • Constructed from premium materials
AirAV 1500AU Professional HD Wireless Link Fly-Pak 1

AirAv 1500AU Professional Zero-Delay 500m + Wireless Link System

  • High quality, zero delay
  • Up to 500+ metres dependent on antenna configuration
  • Suitable for a wide range of situations
  • Top-quality, firmly encrypted, uncompressed HDMI or SDI video link system
  • Economical power requirements
  • Simple to set-up
Airav ANT50016 16dBi dual antenna

AirAV ANT50016 16dBi Gain Dual Antenna for Wireless HDMI/SDI Fly-Pak

SKU: ANT50016Dual
  • 2x 16dBi Dual Antenna
  • 40 degree
  • Increase point to point transmissions
  • Twin female N-Type connectors
AirAVHollyland 1200AU Wireless HDMI-SDI Transmitter 1

AirAV/Hollyland 1200AU Professional HD Wireless HDMI/SDI Transmitter Fly-Pak

  • Wireless HDMI / SDI link system
  • 320+ metres transmission
  • Up to 1500 metres dependent on antenna configuration
  • High quality zero delay
  • Auto select signal
AJA FS-HDR Hero Image

AJA FS-HDR HDR/WCG Converter / Frame Synchronizer

The AJA FS-HDR offers you Real Time HDR/WCG Conversion with the Colourfront Engine™ Video Processing.
  • HDMI HDR output
  • Remote configuration and control
  • Cross, down, up-conversion
  • Amazing digital connectivity
  • Four-channel mode: Multi-channel HD HDR processing
  • Single channel mode
  • SDR preview mode

Original price was: $18,660.00.Current price is: $16,795.00.

AJA FS1-X Front

AJA FS1-X Multi converter

AJA FS1-X is the next evolution in frame synchronisation and conversion.
  • Small 1RU chassis
  • Incredible assortment of audio and video connectivity and processing
  • Adaptable architecture
  • Employs a motion adaptive, high-quality linear Frame Rate Converter for smooth motion conversion
  • For live events, production or broadcasting

Original price was: $8,580.00.Current price is: $7,725.00.

Aputure Sidus One

SKU: 25.APR0316A31
  • Battery-powered single-universe DMX/CRMX transceiver with Sidus Bluetooth. Compatible with CRMX, DMX512, RDM, Art-Net via Wi-Fi, sACN via Wi-Fi, and Sidus Link Bluetooth
  • Combine up to 4 Sidus One transceivers to access up to 4 universes of DMX control using Sidus Link Pro
  • Wireless range: CRMX: 300m, Sidus BT: 180m, Wi-Fi: 120m
  • 18 hours of battery life with USB-C charging
  • IP54 dust and water resistant

Atomos 2A Fast Battery Charger 2 with Locking Cable

  • Charge Any L-Series Battery
  • Locking Power Cable
  • Charge 5200mAh Battery in Approx 3 Hours
  • 110 to 240V Power Input
Atomos 5 Inch Accessory Kit For Shinobi - Shinobi SDI & Ninja V Monitors

Atomos 5" Accessory Kit For Shinobi, Shinobi SDI & Ninja V Monitors

  • Extra power options and travel fittings
  • Companionable with Shinobi SDI monitors, Shinobi or Ninja V
  • Hood: 5″ Monitor
  • Battery Type: L-Series NP-F750
  • EVA Plastic Case
Atomos AtomX SDI

Atomos AtomX SDI

  • This product is now discontinued.
  • Turn your Atomos Ninja V into a pro video SDI centre
  • Compliments the excellence and handiness of SDI equipment and infrastructure connectivity
  • Display and record SDI up to 4Kp60
  • Go into or out of any SDI device
  • Screen and rerun matching and standardised content in HDR at the same time
Atomos Power Kit for Atomos Monitors Recorders

Atomos Power Kit For Atomos Monitors And Recorders

  • Suitable for the Atomos Monitors and  Recorders
  • 2 x NP-F750 5200mAh Batteries
  • Charger
  • Power Adaptor
  • Power Cord

Atomos Shinobi 7" 4K HDMI/SDI 2200NIT 1920x1200 Monitor

  • 7" 1920 x 1200 Touchscreen Display
  • 4K60 HDMI 2.0 In/Out
  • 2K60 3G-SDI In/Out
  • 2200 cd/m² Brightness
  • HDMI/SDI Cross Conversion

Original price was: $999.00.Current price is: $925.00.

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