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Lighting Stands


Expected to arrive late April. 
  • 5" (85cm) Parabolic Softbox.
  • 5 & 2.5 Stop Diffusion Cloths.
  • Fabric Light Control Grid.
  • Collapses Flat for Easy Travel.
  • Bowens Accessory Mount.
  • Perfect for Content Creators.

Chromakey 6m Greenscreen with Background support kit

  • Jinbei Heavy Duty Background Support Stand Kit 3 X 3.2m
  • Green Screen 6m long x 3m wide

Elgato Mini Mount Desktop Stand

SKU: 10AAP9901
  • 1/4" Ball-Head Mount
  • Includes 2.2 to 3.1" Wide Phone Holder
  • 2 x 1/4" Thread & Cold Shoe
  • Telescoping Pole
  • Weighted Base with Device Slot
  • Includes Cable Clips

Jinbei 1.9m Medium Light stand with Boom

This product has been discontinued. Replaced with Click here
2.9m 2 in 1 Convertible Light Stand with Self-Telescoping Boom Arm

Jinbei 2-in-1 2.9m Light Stand with Telescoping 2.2m Boom Arm

The JINBEI 2 in 1, Convertible Light Stand with Self-Telescoping Boom Arm first appears as a light stand. However the first two sections can be pulled out and turned around to form a lighting boom. Booms enable you to mount the lighting and reflectors in all angles and directions, giving you ultimate flexibility and endless options when shaping your light.
2.6m Air Cushioned Light stand

Jinbei 2.6m Air Cushioned Light stand

This 2.6m Jinbei light stand is a professional quality, aluminum lighting support ideal for studio applications. The JB2600FP has three sections featuring air cushioning designed for a maximum load of 5kg. This makes the light stand ideal for medium sized flash heads and modifiers. Folding up to approx. 90.5cm this light stand is able to be packed away without taking up a great deal of space when not in use.
2m Compact Light stand

Jinbei 2m Compact Folding Travel Light Stand

Jinbei's 2 meter compact folding light stand is ideal for photographers and videographers who are on the move. The unique design allows the stand's supporting legs to fold back against the main section of the stand when being transported or stored. The stand folds up to a tiny 490mm yet can extend to just over 2 meters in height. The JB2000A compact folding light stand from Jinbei is perfect for supporting compact lighting equipment like small LED panels and speed lights. With fast easy set up, this stand is a great addition to anyone who shoots food for restaurants, corporate headshots, real estate, interviews and heaps more.

Kupo 121 Grand 4-way Snap Stand 366cm

SKU: KP121
  • Maximum operating length 347cm
  • Three-Stage, Four-Section Legs
  • Removable Centre Column Doubles as Boom
  • Footprint Diameter: 110cm
  • Folded Length: 105cm

Kupo 193 Medium Baby Kit Stand

SKU: KP193
  • Weight     2.5kg
  • Maximum Load 10kg
  • Maximum Height 288cm
  •  Black Aluminium primary material
  • Minimum Operating Height     87cm
20" C Stand with Turtle base

Kupo 20" C Stand with Turtle base

The Kupo Master C Stand with Turtle Base in Black features a unique innovation in the world of C Stands that enables the still or moving image-maker of any skill level to open and collapse the legs of the base in under two seconds! The Master C Stand is outfitted with a patented spring ring locking system that removes all tension from the legs so that gravity can do the work for you.

Kupo 226M 340cm Master Combo HD Stand (silver)

  • 40kg load capacity
  • Levelling leg
  • Triple function combo head
  • Great studio stand
  • Heavy duty

Kupo 227MB Master Combo Aluminium 315cm Senior Stand

  • Load capacity is 12kg
  • Weight 4.75 kg
  • Minimum operating height: 144.46cm
  • Maximum operating height: 315cm
  • Closed length: 122cm
30" Master C-Stand with Sliding legs

Kupo 30" Master C-Stand with Sliding legs

The Kupo 30" Black Master C-Stand with Sliding Legs is a steel lighting support made up of two legs that are spring loaded to open in fixed position, a third leg that can be adjusted by loosening the knob and sliding it up and down the main section and the riser which extends up to 250cm.

Kupo 310M Low Mighty Light Stand 35kg load Junior receiver

  • Minimum Extension Height     106.68 cm
  • Maximum Extension Height     205 cm
  • Maximum Load     35 kg
  •  Chrome Plated Steel
  • Three sections
2.68m Junior Roller Light Stand with Caster Wheels

Kupo 320M Roller Stand with Castor Wheels

  • Minimum Extension Height     114.3 cm
  • Maximum Extension Height     270 cm
  • Fixed Stand Adapter     Baby 5/8 in (16 mm) Stud
  • Closed Length     114.05 cm
  • Maximum Load     12 kg

Kupo 320M Tethermate & Monitor Kit

  • 22" X 15.7" plate comes with 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 female threads on the underside of the Tethermate mounts directly to a tripod or any equipment that comes with 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 male thread
  • Three mounting slots under the portable plate make it easy to connect additional accessories
  • The spring locking knob is included to keep the U shaped sliding plate in place
  • Round plate edges instead of sharp corners
  • Non-slip pad is included

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