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ATOMOS announces iOS monitoring & a new flexible LED light strip!

Coming fresh out of NABShow 2024, we’ve got some interesting new products direct from Atomos! The Atomos  Ninja Phone can take advantage of the incredible screen and processing power of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. The powerfully bright iPhone 15 Pro screen makes this unit ideally suited for shooting in direct sunlight during the day.

The iPhone 15 Pro’s Apple Silicon base and A17 chip allows the user to directly record in the Apple ProRes codec, while also offering H.265 and H.264 encoding, all at 10-bit quality in a resolution of up to 1080p60 for crisp HDR images! 

Connecting to the users camera via USB-C, the Atomos Ninja Phone supports Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HDG and can display up to 11 stops of dynamic range at peak brightness. (1600 nits.)

Save the encoded video direct to the internal memory of the iPhone 15 Pro, seamlessly slotting into existing wireless workflows. The separate USB-C port means the user can also run alternate accessories, including microphones, video lights or wireless sets.

Check out more details and a visual rundown straight from Atomos in the video below.

Not content with stopping there, Atomos has also announced their brand new 5m LED strip light, aptly named the ‘Atomos Sun Dragon!’

Having learnt from their extensive experience creating diode technology, Atomos has condensed that knowledge into this new product. With a supposed final output of 2000 lumens end-to-end, this would make it one of the brightest LED strips available right now.

The power draw is kept to 80W, meaning the Sun Dragon could be run off external batteries. No reliance on a direct power outlet allows a multitude of application and mounting options, made even easier by the incredibly flexible and durable form-factor.

The Atomos Sun Dragon LED strip is fully water-resistant, dust-proof and water-proof up to a depth of 1m. Featuring full wireless DMX control and a 99% full-sun-spectrum colour output, this handy piece of kit is sure to become a favourite for lighting kits everywhere.

Check out the Atomos website for more information!

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