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Blackmagic Design DeckLink IP HD 3G-SDI

  • PCIe Playback & Monitoring Card
  • Ideal for 2110 IP Broadcast Systems
  • 10-Bit 1080p60 Uncompressed Video
  • 10G Ethernet Port & 2 x 3G-SDI Ports
  • All Popular Video Software Supported
  • Media Express Software Included

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Ideal Capture & Playback for 2110 IP Broadcast Systems

The DeckLink IP HD 3G-SDI conforms to the SMPTE ST2110 standard for IP video, which specifies the transport, synchronization, and description of video, audio, and ancillary data over managed IP networks for broadcast. It also keeps video sources in sync using a common PTP clock.

Built-In Video Firewall

The Ethernet port is isolated from anything other than video and audio. Video and audio are transferred to on board DeckLink frame buffers where video playback is managed and then converted to 2110 IP video channels, making it virtually impossible for rogue software or hackers to access the 2110 IP network directly.

High Speed 4-Lane PCIe Connection

The high speed 4-lane PCIe interface provides a connection to the host computer that is fast enough to handle multiple HD video channels, as well as simultaneous capture and playback on each of the channels. With PCIe, you get very low latency combined with highly accurate time synchronization to the software that is capturing or playing video.

Supports All SD and HD Formats up to 1080p60

The DeckLink IP HD 3G-SDI is multi rate and supports all SD and HD formats. In standard definition, the card handles both 525i59.94 and 625i50 standards. In high definition, it supports all 720p video standards up to 720p60, all 1080 interlaced standards up to 1080i60, and all 1080p standards up to 1080p60.

True 10-Bit Broadcast Video Quality

Capture and play back popular video formats such as Apple ProRes, DNxHD, or even uncompressed 10-bit, which is the most commonly used television standard as colors can be represented with four times the precision of 8-bit video. This ensures the sharpest green screen keying, seamless VFX compositions, and superior color correction.

NMOS Protocol for Building a Virtual Router

NMOS interface specifications allow all 2110 IP video devices to operate together as a large virtual router. Videohub Smart Control can route sources to destinations on 2110 IP networks because it can act as an NMOS controller. The NMOS interface specification describes how SMPTE 2110 devices are discovered and controlled on IP networks. This card supports IS-04 for discovery and registration of IP video devices and IS-05 for connection management between IP video devices. This means you can make connections between sources and destinations just like a traditional SDI router, but all within the Ethernet network.

Build Custom Broadcast Automation Servers

The DeckLink IP HD 3G-SDI can be easily combined within your custom broadcast automation systems. There are many automation tools available and on the Mac platform, you can use Tools On Air just: Broadcast Suite, Softron OnTheAir, MovieRecorder, and OnTheAir CG. On the Windows platform, you get compatibility with VidblasterX, Studio and Broadcast, Uniplay, and Playbox AirBox. These powerful software tools help to manage all types of broadcast automation tasks, and they are proven solutions that are currently running thousands of television stations worldwide.

Build Streaming Servers for Global Broadcasting

Build streaming workstations that let you live stream to millions of global viewers online. On the Mac, you get streaming solutions such as Open Broadcaster, Wirecast, Livestream Producer, and more. When streaming on Windows, you get compatibility with Open Broadcaster, Xsplit Broadcaster, Wirecast, and Livestream Producer. This card allows you to take any 2110 IP feed and convert it into live streams to as many online platforms as you need, and with the ATEM Streaming Bridge, you can even link up remote broadcast networks.

Media Express Software Included

Blackmagic Media Express is included, and it enables you to capture and play back in uncompressed YUV 4:2:2 QuickTime, AVI, DPX, ProRes, DVCPRO, and MJPEG file formats, making it an ideal solution for capturing video from old broadcast decks for archiving. Because the speeds of flash based storage media can vary a lot between brands, this DeckLink card also includes Blackmagic Disk Speed Test. This means you can check the speed of media disks, with the results displayed in frames per second at various television standards.

Develop Custom Solutions with the DeckLink SDK

The advanced developer SDK for Mac, Windows, and Linux can be downloaded free of charge, making it easy to develop your own custom solutions for in-house use or to sell to other broadcasters. The SDK provides low level control of hardware when you need flexibility, as well as high level interfaces, which are a lot easier to use when you need to perform more common tasks, and it establishes a solid foundation for developing commercial quality broadcast solutions.

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