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Revolabs xTag USB Wearable Microphone System


Tired of being chained to your workstation when dictating records or attending a Web meeting? Break free with the Revolabs xTag™ USB wireless microphone system, designed specifically to provide USB audio for both PC and Mac users without the need to wear a headset or bulky transmitter. Combining receiver and charger functionality in one sleek device, the xTag’s compact charger base connects to the computer via the USB port. The plug-and-play unit is set up in seconds without the hassle of installing drivers.


The complete xTag USB system includes a wearable xTag wireless microphone, charger base, earpiece with volume control, and a quick-release lanyard so it can be conveniently worn around the neck.
xTag USBFlexibility: Earpiece allows for use as both a microphone and headset.
Simple Set-Up: Plug-and-play without the need to install drivers.
Convenience: Charges through the computer’s USB port.
Crystal-Clear Audio: Be heard with spoken word clarity.
No GSM Interference: Revolabs wireless microphones are impervious to GSM noise from other wireless electronic devices.
Secure: 128-bit encryption for HIPAA compliance.
The Freedom of Wireless: Cut the cord for the freedom of mobility during Skype™ calls, Web meetings, recording, dictations, and more.

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