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  • Portable, powerful, and wireless PA system designed for small live performances
  • Weighs only 6.5kg
  • Integrated three-channel mixer
  • Intuitive rotating OLED display
  • 11 hours of playtime
  • Bose Music app allows full control over settings, including volume, EQ, reverb, and the entire ToneMatch library of EQ presets
  • Bluetooth(R) streaming enables music playback at backyard gatherings or karaoke parties



Introducing the Bose S1 Pro+ – Your Ultimate All-in-One Solution

The Bose S1 Pro+ is the ultimate all-in-one solution for musicians, DJs, and general PA use. This versatile device serves as a PA system, floor monitor, practice amplifier, and primary music system. With its enhanced performance and loudness compared to its predecessor, the S1 Pro+ ensures an even greater experience for your gigs.

Seamless Integration and Control

Designed with musicians in mind, the S1 Pro+ features an integrated three-channel mixer, allowing for easy connection of various equipment. Channels 1 and 2 accommodate microphones and instruments, while Channel 3 is dedicated to music playback. Take advantage of intuitive OLED displays to control independent EQ, reverb, ToneMatch presets, and more. Alternatively, access all settings, including the entire ToneMatch library, conveniently on your phone via the Bose Music app.

Simplified Setup with Wireless RF Accessories

Streamline your setup further by leaving the cables behind. Optional wireless RF accessories for microphones and instruments (sold separately) eliminate the need for tangled wires. Channels 1 and 2 of the S1 Pro+ feature integrated wireless RF receivers, seamlessly pairing with these accessories. When not in use, simply plug the receivers into the system to recharge.

Portable and Ready for Any Gig

The S1 Pro+ is designed to be your go-to system, whether you’re performing at a bar, local coffee shop, street corner, or small venue. Weighing just 6.5kg and featuring a moulded, ergonomic carry handle, it’s effortless to transport from your car to the venue. Additionally, its rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 11 hours of playtime, ensuring uninterrupted performances even without a power source.

Versatile Positioning for Professional Sound

Regardless of the performance requirements, the S1 Pro+ offers four positioning options to suit your needs. Place it vertically on a table, tilted back or horizontally on the floor, or mount it to a speaker stand using a standard 35 mm mount. The speaker’s Auto EQ feature senses its orientation and adjusts the performance accordingly, guaranteeing optimal sound quality in any setup.

Built-in Karaoke and Party Entertainment

Take advantage of the S1 Pro+’s built-in Bluetooth streaming capabilities to throw a party between gigs. Its versatility extends beyond professional use, making it perfect for large backyard gatherings. Connect a microphone and host a karaoke night, keeping the entertainment going.


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