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Rode four-person podcasting bundle

  • 1 x RØDECaster Pro II (SKU – RCP II-I)
  • 4 x PodMic (SKU – PODMIC)
  • 4 x NTH-100 (SKU – NTH100)
  • 4 x PSA1+ (SKU – PSA1+)
  • 4 x XLR-3 Black (SKU – XLR3M)

Original price was: $3,763.00.Current price is: $3,379.00.


The Rode Four-Person Podcasting Bundle, your ultimate solution for collaborative podcasting endeavors. Engineered to accommodate multiple hosts, this comprehensive bundle provides all the necessary tools to create professional-grade podcasts that resonate with your audience.

Included in this extensive bundle:

  • 1 x RØDECaster Pro II (SKU – RCP II-I): Elevate your podcasting setup with the RØDECaster Pro II, featuring advanced controls, pristine sound quality, and seamless integration, empowering you to produce captivating podcasts effortlessly.
  • 4 x PodMic (SKU – PODMIC): Tailor-made for podcasting, the PodMic delivers clear, broadcast-quality sound for each host, ensuring everyone’s voice shines through with clarity and presence.
  • 4 x NTH-100 (SKU – NTH100): The NTH-100 headphones provide accurate and immersive monitoring for all four hosts, allowing each member to stay connected to the conversation and hear every detail with precision.
  • 4 x PSA1+ (SKU – PSA1+): Enjoy flexible microphone positioning for every host with the PSA1+ studio arms, enabling personalized setups that optimize comfort and performance.
  • 4 x XLR-3 Black (SKU – XLR3M): With four reliable XLR-3 cables included, establish secure connections and minimize interference, ensuring seamless recording sessions for your entire team.

Unleash your creativity and collaboration with the Rode Four-Person Podcasting Bundle. Whether you’re conducting interviews, roundtable discussions, or group conversations, this bundle equips you with the essential tools to produce impactful podcasts that leave a lasting impression. Elevate your podcasting experience and inspire your audience with unparalleled audio quality and professionalism.

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