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PMI SmokeGENIE Professional Kit

  • Hangtime of 10 to 15 minutes with ventilation, 30 to 45 minutes without ventilation.
  • Zero waiting/boiling time
  • 9ml Chamber Capacity
  • 10 minutes of smoke generation from one full tank
  • Includes extension tube range for directional smoke generation
  • Includes protective hard case



Use Smoke with a high level of precision never seen before. The PMI SmokeGenie Professional Kit is a game-changing handheld Smoke Machine for Creators.

Capable of generating haze with a long hang time (Up to 15mins with ventilation, up to 45mins without) and featuring zero waiting/boiling time, the SmokeGENIE can fill 500 cubic feet per minute. With 25 different power modes available and included remote for hands-free operation, this smoke machine also features USB-C fast charging and uses industry-standard 18650 batteries.

Cloud Formula Fluid composition: VG (Vegetable Glycerin) + PG (Propylene Glycol)


  • Smoke GENIE Theatrical Fog Generator
  • Magic Remote
  • 2x Atomizing Smoke Chamber
  • 1x 120ml of Smoke Formula Refill
  • RC Haze Fan + Fan Dock
  • Jet Tip Nozzle
  • Precision Smoke-Shaping Nozzles (4pcs)
  • Liquid Smoke Nozzle
  • 1x Silicone Extension Tube (30cm) OTHERS:
  • USB-C Charging Cable – 1/4″ mount adapter
  • 1x Protective Hard Case (fits everything)
  • 3x 18650 Li-ion batteries(2x for SmokeGENIE and 1x for Cinematic Haze Fan Adapter)
  • 1x 23A,12V battery (for remote)

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