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100 Day Feature Film Project – Lucid Dreaming

Filmmaker, business owner and educator and long term client of Pro AV Solutions, Tom Young has set himself the challenge of making a feature film within 100 days, from 15th August to 23rd November 2023. Day one begins with a script, and on day 100 the film will premiere worldwide on YouTube, and on the big screen to a local South Australian audience.


About the Feature Film:

Lucid Dreaming is a feature film, it sits in the mystery genre and asks the question “What if dreams could change reality?” The film is a non-linear narrative, delving into the subconscious and surreal. In the late 1980s join Macy as she comes to terms with her trauma through self-reflection and dream journaling, only to discover the ability to lucid dream. Be taken on a journey of discovery, exploring dreams through a unique first-person point of view perspective. Macy finds that lucid dreaming can unlock the potential of the human mind by accelerating learning and developing greater internal awareness. Lucid Dreaming will appeal to anyone who has every had a dream, and wanted to change the world.

Behind the Scenes:

The entire creative process will be filmed from development and working with actors, to planning the film shoot, production design, cinematography, and editing. All production documentation will be available for free at include the pitch deck, plot points, script, schedule, call sheets, and more.

Tom says:

“I am giving this away for free because I love filmmaking, but I also love teaching people how to make films.”

“I want to breakdown my process, and hopefully demystify and share some helpful content. My hope is that emerging filmmakers who dream of making their own feature film might find this useful.”

 “I am also giving away the film itself on day 100, it will be available on YouTube, the only ask is that you subscribe to my channel, which is totally free.”

 “I invite you to join me on this journey, check out the website, watch the videos and subscribe on the YouTube channel for regular updates.”

 Follow Tom’s journey on the platforms below.



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