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Laowa Argus FF Cine T1 3-Lens Bundle (28mm, 35mm, 45mm)

SKU: VE283545
  • Bundle of 3 lenses
  • Covers Full-Frame Sensors
  • T1 to T16 Aperture Range
  • 15-Blade Iris, 63.4° Angle of View
  • 80mm Outside Diameter, M77 Filter Thread
  • 14 Elements in 9 Groups
  • 270° Focus Rotation, 85° Iris Rotation
  • 19.7″ Minimum Focus Distance
  • Cinema-Standard Gearing

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3-Lens Bundle.

This series offers a unique aesthetic and delivers mesmerizing shallow depth of field and dreamy bokeh. Not only does this series excel in low-light shooting with its ultra-large T1 aperture, it also creates an incredibly smooth focus roll-off. With an exceptionally small form factor, this lens series is ideal for cinematographers who seek a unique look and to accentuate dramatic character-centric effects in short films or portrait videography.

Ultra Large T1 Aperture
The ultra-large T1 aperture of the Laowa Argus T1 cine lenses offers the capability to achieve a remarkably shallow depth of field with a smooth focus roll-off, immersing the audience in a delightful and dreamy atmosphere, like losing in a reverie.

Shallow Depth of Field & Dreamy Bokeh
The selective focus creates emphasis on the subject and directs the audience’s attention as intended by the filmmaker. Additionally, it contributes to a clean frame by effectively blurring the background, making the subjects stand out.

Superb Sharpness and Contrast at T1 Wide Open
While ultra-large apertures often encounter chromatic aberration, the Argus T1 Cine series is meticulously designed to deliver exceptional optical performance. These lenses minimize chromatic aberration, ensuring maintained contrast and sharpness even when shooting wide open at T1 aperture.

Impeccable Low-light Shooting Performance
The T1 aperture provides a notable advantage when shooting in low-light conditions. This proves particularly beneficial for productions where additional lighting setup is restricted. Filmmakers can capture clean shots without needing to excessively increase the ISO.

Close Focusing Distance Up To 7.88” / 0.2m
The series boasts an impressive close focusing distance of up to 7.88″ / 0.2m*. This enables the capture of breathtaking shots with a beautifully blurred background, while retaining intricate subject details. It introduces fresh and captivating perspectives to enhance your footage.

Consistent Color Rendition & Lens Performance Across The Series
Every focal length within the Argus T1 Cine Series is meticulously crafted to deliver consistent color rendition and lens performance. This minimizes the requirement for extensive editing in post-production process after utilizing different focal lengths, ensuring seamless visual consistency across your projects.

Professional Cine Housing
The Argus T1 Cine series is fully ready for all types of cine productions with unified gear positions & a dual-scale design.

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