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Australia’s Most Experienced Audio Visual Supplier

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Humly Room Display

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 8-inch Display
  • POE
  • Microsoft, Google, Appspace and Nexudus Compatible



Immerse Yourself in Effortless Collaboration with the Humly Room Display – Your Timeless Booking Solution

Indulge in a harmonious fusion of style and practicality with the Humly Room Display – the epitome of smooth, stylish, and secure meeting room booking. Bid farewell to disruptions during ongoing meetings as you effortlessly locate your reserved space or instantly identify an available room.

The display offers transparency, revealing the room’s current occupant and the duration of their booking. Say goodbye to the hassles associated with meeting room reservations, thanks to the Humly Room Display.

Crafted to be iconic and timeless, this device seamlessly integrates into any modern office, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your workspace. Its award-winning design, a collaborative effort with a renowned design team, has earned prestigious accolades for its floating effect, full RGB LED light, and elegant aura reflected on office walls.

Seamless Integration lies at the heart of Humly’s capabilities. With an open API, deep and seamless integrations with other solutions become a reality. Humly’s proactive approach extends to providing additional customer value through integrations with leading solutions in smart office and collaboration technology.

Security is a paramount concern for Humly Room Display:

  • Development Process: Our secure product development lifecycle is grounded in threat assessment, following processes outlined in ENISA Hardware Threat Landscape and Good Practice Guide, and CIS Security Cybersecurity Best Practices.
  • Minimize Attack Surface: With control over all hardware components and software code, our product is less exposed to generic attack methods. For customers with stringent restrictions, we offer custom hardware versions.
  • External Review: As part of our release management, we implement a penetration testing regime. External penetration testers, armed with source code access, go beyond the scope of regular tests, ensuring robust security against potential vulnerabilities.

Elevate your office collaboration with the Humly Room Display – where timeless design meets cutting-edge security for a seamless and secure booking experience.

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