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Godox KNOWLED MG2400Bi 2600w Bi-Colour LED Light with Flight Case.

SKU: 11.MG2400BIK-H
  • Separate light head and control box for flexible on-set arrangements
  • 0.1% cinematic-level adjustment
  • Exceptional colour rendering
  • IIP54 weather resistance
  • Flicker-free capability
  • Single-handle yoke with the half-circle lock design for secure installation
  • 8-meter power cable
  • 360° adjustable yoke for easy angle adjustment



2600W Full Output Across All CCT
Empowered by advanced COB technology, the MG2400Bi delivers an impressive stable output of 2600W across all colour temperatures (2800K to 6500K) with just a 3000W input power. Thanks to this technology, the MG2400Bi matches traditional 4K PAR and 6K Fresnel lights when paired with meticulously engineered optical accessories, even at distances exceeding 10 meters. It also significantly reduces power requirements at the same time.

Evenly Blending Results
MG2400Bi boasts class-leading blending technology, ensuring flawless results. It produces uniform and natural lighting results, presenting intricate and rich light and shadow details.

Innovative G-Mount
Featuring a new optical technology and innovative G-Mount, it effectively addresses heat buildup, lowering LED temperatures for improved colour accuracy and extended lifespan. The G-Mount also boasts intelligent accessory recognition, preventing burns and damage during replacements.

Superior Heat Dissipation
The MG2400Bi is equipped with an efficient and stable air-cooling system featuring high-performance silent waterproof fans by Nuctoa. It ensures exceptional airflow and pressure efficiency, operating flawlessly in extreme conditions, whether it’s 5000 meters above sea level or chilling temperatures as low as -30°C. The detachable fan design simplifies maintenance, providing a hassle-free experience.

Professional Control System
MG2400Bi is equipped with a film-grade lighting control system, featuring an integrated LumenRadio chip for seamless CRMX control. It supports industry-standard 8-bit/16-bit DMX modes, RDM protocol, and now with the added DMX termination switch. Additionally, MG2400Bi can be controlled through various means, including Ethernet, removable panel, the KNOWLED APP, and more.

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