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Blackmagic MultiDock – Rack Mount 4-Slot Thunderbolt 2 Disk Dock


This product has now been discontinued. 


The Blackmagic MultiDock supports docking up to 4 independent 2.5 inch disks so you can plug in multiple media disks and work directly without slow file copying. Simply plug in your disks and they will mount on your Mac OS X and Windows computers as regular hard disks! Because Blackmagic MultiDock features 4 independent disk slots for inserting disks, you can mount and have online all the media from your shoot at the same time! Blackmagic MultiDock is the perfect solution for accessing media recorded from the Blackmagic Cinema Camera or Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, as well as Blackmagic Design’s HyperDeck SSD broadcast recorders!
If you need fast storage then Blackmagic MultiDock can be instantly configured into a multi disk RAID simply by plugging in multiple disks and using your disk utility software to “stripe” the disks into a single fast storage volume. Mac OS X and Windows include disk utility software with RAID support so you can stripe your disks for super fast storage, perfect for Ultra HD and 4K editing, effects and color correction work.
Rack Mount 4-Slot SSD & HDD Dock
Thunderbolt 2 Output: up to 20 Gb/s
Illuminated Disk Access Indicators
1 RU Metal Rack Mount Chassis

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