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Product Comparison: Ronin RS3 Pro vs Ronin RS4 Pro Gimbals

With the release of the brand new Ronin RS4 Pro gimbal earlier this year in April, DJI debuted some exciting features and great new accessories to compliment their already strong Ronin S range. As the Ronin RS3 Pro brought with it a variety of updates and improvements, we’re comparing the two Pro models to help distinguish which might be the best addition to your kit!



Originally announced in June of 2022, since its release the RS3 Pro has been a mainstay for small camera mounts in video production everywhere. 

The first entry into their ‘Pro’ product-line, this gimbal brought with it heavier weight, longer arms and an improved stabilization algorithm necessary to balance heavier camera rigs compared to the earlier base model, the RS3. These Pro model improvements may seem un-notable, niche or contextual, but for the right user it opened the door to a greater variety of camera bodies and accessory options.

The RS3 Pro in action. Image from DJI.

Other changes included a larger 1.8″ OLED touch screen and the introduction of a physical switch to swap between different shooting modes on the gimbal itself. The RS3 Pro could also be equipped with the incredibly versatile LiDAR rangefinder attachment, but this came at the cost of significant reduction in battery life.


We’ve since seen a lot of these improvements be iterated upon and improved yet again with the new RS4 Pro. Notably, the RS4 Pro now supports the use of two separately available RS Focus Motors, enabling individual control over Zoom and Focus rings. 

The RS4 Pro close-up. Image from DJI.

The RS4 and RS4 Pro have again extended the length of the tilt access arm. This extension, in combination with the enhanced motors providing more torque will allow for the use of longer, heavier camera/lens combos.

One of the most notable new features includes the second-gen vertical mount, now native to the RS4 and RS4 Pro. This mounting option has been built directly into the baseplate, meaning third-party accessories are no longer required. This is a great addition for anyone shooting for social media, where the vertical video format continues to dominate.

The RS4 and RS4 pro also feature a hot-swappable joystick control, able to switch instantly from pan/tilt gimbal control to zoom control with the flick of a button. The updated gimbal also includes a new 15mm support rod, extended from the previous 12mm offering. This extension helps with fitting third party accessories of all kinds. 

As far as DJI accessories are concerned, any issues regarding battery performance become a thing of the past with the new RS BG70 Battery Grip. This optional attachment extends the life of the RS4 Pro to an impressive 29 hours. This also helps to alleviate the previously mentioned issue of the power drain from the popular LiDAR rangefinder attachment.

Finally, the new RS4 Pro takes advantage of the updated 4th gen stabilization algorithm, further increasing the stability benefits when using larger and heavier cameras. RS4 and RS4 Pro owners will also gain access to the newly developed ‘Car Mount’ stabilisation mode, accessible through the onboard OLED touchscreen. This mode enhances stability performance while the gimbal itself is inverted, for example when attached to a car rig or crane.

To conclude, we can see clear and tangible benefits from upgrading to the DJI RS4 Pro if you’re already shooting with an RS3 Pro. Larger, longer camera setups will be easier to calibrate, smoother to shoot with and won’t suffer from battery life issues. You’ll also gain access to the wider DJI RS accessory range, including the LiDAR and Follow Focus attachments. Shooting directly for social media also becomes a breeze, with the native vertical mount built directly into the baseplate. If these aren’t things that you might take advantage of while shooting, then there’s still a phenomenal amount of value to be found in the DJI RS3 Pro.

Both of these units are available online, through Pro AV Express.

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