Australia’s Most Experienced Audio Visual Supplier

Australia’s Most Experienced Audio Visual Supplier

Blackmagic Fairlight Audio Interface


  • Perfect for post-production
  • Complete integrated digital audio workstation
  • Full real-time processing of EQ




Sound elevates the emotional impact of the picture with stirring scores, clear dialog and incredible effects that make us feel like we’re part of the story. Now, for the first time ever, professional audio post production is fully integrated into a single application that gives sound editors, colourists, and video editors everything they need to seamlessly collaborate and create films and television shows that will be remembered for generations to come.


For the absolute best performance, add a Fairlight Audio Accelerator to your system. You’ll get blazing performance with amazing sub‑millisecond latency for hundreds of tracks with full real time processing of EQ, expander/gate, compressor and limiter dynamics, and up to 6 real time plug‑ins per channel.


DaVinci Resolve’s Fairlight audio lets you produce multi layered recordings quickly and easily. Real time punch in lets you record at any moment during live playback and you get a complete set of sophisticated ADR tools for replacing dialog.

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