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Blackmagic Design 2110 IP Converter 3X3G.

  • Converts 3G-SDI to 2110 IP Video Systems
  • 3G-SDI Inputs, Outputs & Loop Outputs
  • Integrated 2.2″ LCD Display
  • Resolutions up to 1080p60
  • PoE+ Support



Multiple SMPTE 2110 IP Channels Supported

The unit conforms to the SMPTE ST2110 standard for IP video, which specifies the transport, synchronization, and description of video, audio, and ancillary data over managed IP networks for broadcast. It can also sync SDI inputs to a common PTP clock or external gear can lock to the reference output that’s also generated from the PTP clock. It supports SMPTE-2110-20 uncompressed video, SMPTE-2110-21 traffic shaping/timing, SMPTE-2110-30 audio, and SMPTE-2110-40 for ancillary data. Multicast, which is an efficient way of distributing video, audio, and data from a single source to multiple destinations, is also supported.

NMOS Protocol Support

The converter supports the NMOS interface specifications so all 2110 IP video devices can operate together as a large virtual router. Videohub Smart Control routes sources to destinations on 2110 IP networks because it can act as an NMOS controller. The NMOS interface specification describes how SMPTE 2110 devices are discovered and controlled on IP networks. IS-04 is supported for discovery and registration of IP video devices and IS-05 for connection management between IP video devices. This means you can make connections between sources and destinations just like a traditional SDI router.

Supports All SD and HD Formats up to 1080p60

The 3G-SDI connections support both SD and HD video standards. You can connect your existing SDI broadcast equipment to new IP-based infrastructure. In standard definition, both 525i59.94 and 625i50 standards are supported. In high definition, the unit supports all 720p video standards up to 720p60, all 1080 interlaced standards up to 1080i60, and all 1080p standards up to 1080p60, and you can run three different video standards at the same time.

True 10-Bit Broadcast Video Quality

Uncompressed 10-bit is the most commonly used television standard, allowing colors to be represented with four times the precision of 8-bit video. Working with 10-bit video will ensure that all images are a perfect pixel for pixel transmission of the original SDI source, so you’re always working at the absolute highest quality possible.

Localized for 13 Popular Languages

The unit supports multiple languages in the menus so you can customize it to the language you prefer. You get support for English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, and Ukrainian languages. Simply go into the front panel setup menu to change the language.

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