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Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Video Editor Micro Panel – NOW BUNDLED WITH DAVINCI RESOLVE 17 SOFTWARE


  • Very small but professional
  • Fits effortlessly next to a keyboard for concurrent editing and colour grading
  • Excellent for use with a laptop for on site grading
  • Retrieve all vital primary colour correction tools
  • Access the most frequently used playback controls and grading features
  • Now includes Software licence of DaVinci Resolve 17 at no extra cost



The Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve video editor Micro Panel is very small but professional. It fits effortlessly next to a keyboard for concurrent editing and colour grading and it is excellent for use with a laptop for on site grading.

DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel

The DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel with video editing software, is a low profile, portable, high quality panel that features three high resolution trackballs and 12 precision machined control knobs for retrieving all vital primary colour correction tools. Above the centre trackball are keys for swapping between log and offset colour correction, as well as a key to show DaVinci Resolve’s full screen viewer, which is fantastic for use with laptops. Eighteen devoted keys on the right side also give you access to the most frequently used playback controls and grading features. DaVinci Resolve movie editor Micro Panel is ideal for autonomous colourists and editors that need a truly transportable solution. It’s fantastic on set to produce looks and appraise lighting and colour, excellent for education and perfect for swiftly grading video in broadcast trucks.

Work Quicker With Artistic Control

Whole worlds, galaxies far far away and striking locations are shaped on the stages and inside the computers of major Hollywood film studios. Keeping it all organised and making it look real necessitates the most authoritative tools and the highest quality image processing. While DaVinci Resolve video editor can be used as an impartial software tool, adding a hardware control panel allows you to work quicker than ever before, while also dramatically increasing your artistic options. Established in partnership with the foremost post production facilities around the globe, DaVinci Resolve video editing software control panels give colourists the control that they need to produce accurate images that make us have confidence in what we see on the silver screen and television.

Add Emotion To Your Images With Colour

DaVinci Resolve movie editor control panels are intended to provide you with fluid, pro-active control over several parameters at the same time, so you can work quicker and be more artistic. The hardware controls are located sensibly near your usual hand locations and are made out of the highest quality resources. You get smooth, high resolution weighted trackballs for making specific adjustments. All buttons, knobs and dials have been custom intended to feature the ideal amount of resistance, so you can precisely fine tune any parameter. Best of all, the hardware panels let you adjust numerous settings, such as Gain, Lift and Gamma simultaneously; giving you a level of artistic control that goes far past what’s possible with a mouse.

Artistic Controls With Primary Correction

To take your colour grading to another artistic level, the DaVinci Resolve video editor Mini and Micro panels comprise twelve devoted primary colour correction control knobs. These are intended to make it simple for you to stylise the appearance of your images and produce accurate “film looks”. All dials can be pushed to instantaneously reset the control. That’s ideal for when you are trying a stimulating new style but get a bit lost. Just push the dials to reset.

Mid-Tone Detail

Increases the contrast of areas of the image with high edge detail to decrease or increase the acuity of image sharpness and definition. Or when lowered, areas of the image with low amounts of detail are softened while areas of high detail are left intact. Excellent for softening facial features and common for beauty shots.

Y Gain

Fine-tune the contrast of the image in the brighter areas, specifically in the Y (luminance) channel only. You can decrease hot shots or pull the whites to make the shot look more angelic!


Changes the centre of tonality about which dark and bright parts of the image are stretched or lessened during a contrast alteration.

Y Gamma

Alter the contrast of the image in the mid-tone areas, precisely in the Y (luminance) channel only. This control aids in adding depth to shots, along with additional vibrancy.


Increase contrast to make the blacks darker and the whites brighter or decrease contrast to do the opposite. Use this to expand the dynamic range and make shots pop!

Y Lift

Fine-tune the contrast of the image in the darker areas, precisely in the Y (luminance) channel only. This alteration is excellent for varying the black point without changing saturation.

Luminance Mix

Control the equilibrium amongst the YRGB modifications and Y only modifications made using the Y channel gain, lift and gamma controls in the primaries palette or the un-ganged luma curve.


Simply recover blown out highlight detail in high dynamic range media by lowering this parameter to accomplish a smooth blend between the recovered highlights and the unadjusted mid tones for a natural effect.


Alternates all hues of the image around the complete perimeter of the colour wheel. The default setting is 50, which retains the original unaffected dispersal of hues.


Selectively lighten or darken shadow detail. Raising this value retrieves shadow detail while leaving the mid-tones untouched.


Decreases or increases overall image saturation. At higher values, colours appear more concentrated, while at lower values colour intensity lessens and can be fine tuned until all colour is gone, leaving a grayscale image.

Colour Boost

Naturally increase the saturation in regions of the image with low saturation while leaving appropriately saturated areas untouched. From time to time denoted as a vibrance operation, this is excellent for adding colour without over saturating the image.

Power Options That Are Flexible

The DaVinci Resolve video editor Micro Panel is completely powered via USB so you can just plug and play to get up and running. Power over USB means you can use it with a laptop and it will function from the laptop’s battery, making it perfect for on set grading.

Transport Controls

The stop transport, play forward and reverse keys on all the panels allow you complete control of your deck or project timeline.

Still Store Reference Management

Colourists continuously take and play stills to equate grades using the gallery. The DaVinci Resolve video editor Advanced, Mini and Micro panels have devoted keys to swiftly save and recall stills.

Professional Trackballs

Trackballs provide RGB balance adjustments for Gain, Lift and Gamma; each with a principal level control. The trackballs can be set to function in whichever RGB or log with the touch of a button.

Illuminated Keys

The buttons and keys on the DaVinci Resolve movie editor control panels illuminate when selected so you can effortlessly see which controls are active.

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