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Aputure Lightstorm 300D II LED LED light.

  • Brighter, more robust, more transportable and smarter
  • The latest in Aputure Chip On Board LED technology
  • Increased Output by more than three times
  • Mount the light in any spot with any modifier
  • Comprehensive restructure of the Control Box

Original price was: $1,675.00.Current price is: $1,599.00.


More Of What You Want

20% brighter, more robust, more transportable and smarter than the original 300D. The Aputure 300D II LED Lights are a commanding and compact LED fixture that can be adapted effortlessly. This is why filmmakers from around the world love it’s proficiency.

The Latest In Aputure Chip On Board LED Technology

By applying the latest in Aputure Chip On Board (COB) LED technology, the Aputure 300d Mark II:

  • Outputs an enormous 20% more light than its precursor;
  • When united with the Fresnel 2X, the 300D Mark II can yield up to 80,000 lux, approaching the luminance of a 575W HMI.
  • 5500K colour temperature balance led studio light preserves immaculate colour reliability with CRI and TLCI ratings of 96+ and 97+ correspondingly.
  • Has a power consumption of just 350W, while outputting 3500 lux of light with an efficient reflector at a distance of 9.8′.

3x Increased Output

The Aputure 300D II is also the foremost Aputure light to feature the all-new, hyper resourceful 55° reflector. By thinning the beam from 60° to 55° and restructuring the internal form and coating of the reflector, they were able to increase the output of the 300D II by more than 3 times, when equated to the original design.

The 300D II is ready for global use thanks to its 110-240 VAC power supply. It also has two battery plates, allowing you to use V-Mount batteries for exterior power when mains current is inaccessible. The Aputure 300D II can produce its maximum output by using two high capacity V‐Mount or Gold Mount batteries. It also features new technology that lets you power the light with a single battery at up to half output. You get the convenience of not having to grab a stinger to power your light.

The included 6m NEUTRIK® cable provides the 300D II with a robust power connection and now, by applying a standard 3m male‐to‐female 5‐pin XLR, you can effortlessly substitute the header cable in a pinch. Keep your control box within arm’s reach while giving you the capability to rig your light anyplace you want, from a menace arm to a tall goalpost rig. This is thanks to the optional 7.5m 5‐pin XLR. Due to the high maximum 340‐350W power draw from the light, it is recommend that you only use batteries that are capable of at least 15‐amp continuous power draw.

Mount The Light Anywhere

A mounting base is included for use with an optional clamp, permitting attachment to a light stand to distribute the weightiness.

Mount the light in any spot with any modifier thanks to the handbrake locking mechanism. The new yoke also permits 360° of turning.

The Aputure 300D Mark II presents new design features, while sustaining the equivalent form factor and lightweight aircraft aluminium body popularised by the original 300D.

The all aluminium structure has gone through many fabrication steps and the reflector and accessory mount is the widely used Bowens S-Type. Firmly secure it on any stand, truss or speed rail.

Comprehensive Control Box Restructure

The 300D Mark II LED Lights’ control box is also the first product to employ Aputure’s new quick release plate and clamp system.

Ready to endure the rigor of any film set the control box is composed of a sturdy aluminium alloy, with a new covered antenna and military‐grade paracord strap.

The All‐In‐One control box is now completely silent applying Aputure’s fan‐less heatsink design.

The comprehensive restructure of the control box is a major improvement.

Be Seen But Not Heard

Designed to be seen but not heard the Aputure 300d II is ideal for sound-sensitive situations. Even at maximum power, the fan is imperceptible by most people. The smart cooling system employs temperature-sensitive fans to control the heat.

More Options And Controls

The 300D Mark II can be turned on and controlled instantly upon receiving power, making it perfect for DMX lighting grids. With the 0%‐100% stepless dimming control you can use the 300D II in low‐light environments or to overpower the sun and apply any of 4 different dimming curves;

  • Linear
  • Logarithmic
  • Exponential
  • S‐Curve

The control box of the Aputure 300D Mark II features the following 8 built‐in lighting FX, with additional FXs pending in future firmware updates via the control boxes USB interface.

  • “Paparazzi”
  • “Fireworks”
  • “Lightning”
  • “Fault Bulb”
  • “TV”
  • “Pulsing”
  • “Strobe”
  • “Explosion”

In addition to the control wheel, the 300D Mark II also features DMX512‐compatibility, a new 2.4Ghz Aputure Wireless remote with an FX toggle button and the ability to be controlled by the Sidus Link App using the Bluetooth mesh network protocol.

Innovative Connectivity And Control With The Sidus Link App

Use the Sidus Link App to:

  • Access all of the functions of the control box
  • Save pre-sets
  • Finely tune and activate extra lighting FX
  • Install firmware updates

All from your smartphone or tablet.

Control the 300D Mark II from up to 400 meters away by connecting numerous lights up to 80 meters apart.

* Support for the Sidus Link app on iPhone, iPad and Android will be released at varying times throughout 2019.

Durable Carry Case

The carry case is made up of tough walls with a forgiving exterior lining that can support up to 100kg. This provides you with plenty of fortification and also, a seat for you on set! The carry case is also made with grip trucks and run & gun filmmakers in mind. The bottom of the carry case is protected with an easy‐to‐clean, slash‐proof material, letting you rest easy knowing your 300D Mark II will endure every situation you toss at it.

What's Included?

  • Aputure LS C300d Mark II LED Light Kit with V-Mount
  • Controller Box with Battery Plate
  • 2 x Power Cable
  • 5 Pin Male to Female XLR Cable
  • Quick Release Clamp Base
  • Remote Control with CR2032 Battery
  • Standard Reflector
  • Strap
  • Carrying Bag
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty


Operation Current

  • 3.5A

Power Supply

  • AC 100 ~ 240V
  • 50/60Hz


  • ≥96


  • ≤96

Radio Frequency

  • 2.4GHz


  • A/B/C/D

Battery Operating Voltage Range

  • 12V-16.8V

Power Consumption

  • 350W maximum

Cooling Mode

  • Active Cooling


  • ≥95

Colour Temperature

  • 5500K ± 200K


  • 1/2/3

Remote Ability

  • ≤ 100m

APP Control Type

  • Bluetooth 5.0

Sizes (L*W*H)

  • Light 298.4*215.6*344.5mm
  • Controller box (Anton Bauer Battery) 278.6*126.7*87.3mm
  • Controller box (V-Mount) 278.6*126.7*96.7mm

Brightness (Average)

Aputure 300d II LED Lights Storm 1 Brightness Average

*This is an averaged result with reflector, the number might be slightly different on each light.


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