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Australia’s Most Experienced Audio Visual Supplier

AirAv AAV60G 60Ghz Short-Range Wireless Link System

  • This product has been discontinued
  • High-definition link system
  • 60Ghz
  • Transmission data rate approx 4Gb/sec



The AirAV AAV60G is a very high-performance and high-definition wireless link system specifically designed for reliable short-range video transfers in situations such as video conferencing, the recording of medical procedures, multi-media classrooms, or even home entertainment.


Unlike the majority of short-range systems that operate in the 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz frequencies, the AAV60G operates in the 60Ghz ISM band making it immune to the potential of interference from Wi-Fi or other video transmitters. The AAV60G system provides for a totally uncompressed link with virtually zero delays (delay time is approximately 1 video line). The maximum transmission data rate is approximately 4Gb/sec.


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