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Litepanels Gemini 1x1 Soft LED Panel Light.

SKU: LP-945-1401

This product is now discontinued. 


No-Crew Lighting Solution

The Litepanels Gemini 1×1 Soft LED Panel Light allows you to light your scene quicker, making it brighter in any setting. With this LED panel you get a tungsten light and full spectrum precise daylight with the capacity to dial in any colour conceivable and an extensive assortment of lighting effects. Simple to set-up and lightweight, the Gemini light panel is the definitive no-crew lighting solution for image makers on the go.

Four Lighting Modes

You can have any colour at your fingertips with the Gemini 1×1 Soft LED panel light. This panel comprises four lighting modes;

  • Effects Mode for an amazing range of imaginative lighting effects
  • Gel Mode to swiftly dial up numerous popular gels
  • HSI Mode to produce any colour in the 360° colour wheel
  • CCT Mode for accurate daylight and tungsten with fine-tuning

Simple Set-Up

With the Gemini 1×1 LED flat panel light there are no parts to assemble so you can begin work instantly. Simple to grasp, on-board controls as well as remote-control possibilities via DMX (wireless DMX or Bluetooth) for simple incorporation into your current lighting set up.

Reliable Stability

Litepanels Gemini 1×1 Soft LED Panel Light offers you flicker-free light at any frame rate or shutter angle, and at any intensity level. Seamless for producing slow-motion shots with ultra-smooth dimming from 100% to 0.1%.

Shift Between Battery And AC Power

What makes Gemini 1×1 led panel the perfect location light? It has a lightweight design and requires less cables, not to mention it’s full-intensity mobile power from XLR, V-Mount or Gold Mount® batteries – drawing just 200W.


  • Gemini
Product type
  • Light
CRI daylight
  • 97
Max power draw
  • 200W
Colour temperature
Beam angle
  • 90
CRI Tungsten
  • 94
  • 5.31 kg
  • 320 mm
  • 320 mm
  • 119 mm
Comparative output
  • 614 lux Daylight at 3 m, 550 Tungsten at 3 m
Gel filter
  • Gel Mode with option of Daylight or Tungsten Source
  • Medium diffusion panel

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